Author Marisa Wikramanayake

Marisa Wikramanayake is a Sri Lankan born, Australian based freelance writer, journalist and editor. She has edited award winning fiction and non fiction and her first book was published at the age of 17 and shortlisted for the Graetian Award in 2001. She has just finished a novel titled Sedition set in Sri Lanka in 2005 and is working on a crime fiction novel Gin and Tonic also set in Sri Lanka and a literary fiction novel HIM set in Australia. She likes to write and create space for diverse characters in literature that she did not see growing up. The rest of the time she sits on committees: the MEAA WA Media Section committee representing freelancers, the National Freelancer Committee and the MEAA's Federal Council and bangs the table over including ATSI and diverse people and issues over ethics. She also has a cat aptly named Trouble.