Author Moreblessing Maturure

Moreblessing Maturure, the Creative Director of FOLK Magazine is a Zimbabwean/Australian inter-disciplinary artist.

As a writer, Moreblessing utilises various forms of linguistic expression ranging from poetic, dramatic and analytical writing. Having published her work in a range of online magazines and had the privilege of witnessing stagings of her work in the past, Moreblessing hopes to re-imagine what theatre can do – how to merge other forms of linguistic expression on the stage. This year she’s developing various works with Playwriting Australia, ATYP, and the Information and Cultural Exchange Centre in Parramatta.

As an actor on both stage and screen in various projects, Moreblessing has garnered a great wealth of experience in a plethora of fields within the performing arts processes including writing, devising, performance directing and producing.

THEATRE: Fallen (Sport for Jove, She Said- performer) The Bee and the Tree, Like Me, Age of Entitlement, The Way of the Wall (Mongrel Mouth-performer/writer) Hairspray: The Musical (Backstage UTS-Producer) Neighbours (Short and Sweet-Director).

SCREEN: Displaced, Undefined Black Beauty, Searching for Babel, The Last Men, Marley,Someone, (Short film- Performer) Akoni (Feature-Performer) Seen and Heard, Be in the Know, Count Me In (Gov. Videos-Performer).