Enough Exposure: why we pay our writers

Money dictates who will have to work ten times harder to have their voices heard.

Divorce Is Not A Dirty Word

I never thought I’d get divorced. Hell, I didn’t think I’d face my first divorce at 27, just shy of two years of marriage.


Why white Australia has an empathy problem

We don’t tend to talk to white folks like they’re fucking aliens.


The privileged believed themselves to be equal in their suffering.

So Divisive…

It’s exhausting when your very existence is “divisive”; when your needs must always come second to a “greater agenda”.

Stories we grew up with: The Birth of Tūhoe (New Zealand)

I asked a friend to tell me about her iwi, Ngāi Tūhoe.

In the wake of Manchester and London attacks

Let Muslims be sad. Let us mourn the dead without having to fear what you'll do to us.

Written anything good lately?

We’re looking for written pieces, spoken word recordings, and visual art/photography works created by people of colour.

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